Tutorial Page

To help you in your booking and tracking process, just follow this tutorial and your booking and tracking will be easy. This also contains some important information about different terms used in booking shipment. Don’t forget to check our latest promotions to reduce your cost and efficiently ship your cargos.

LCL – Loose Cargo Load

-Comes in various dimensions and cannot fully occupy the smallest available container.

Types of Loose Cargo Load

General Cargo

– items that does not require any special handling.

Dangerous Good

– items that are considered harmful for both people and property like flammable fluids, corrosive chemicals.

Perishable Goods

– Items that if not delivered immediately will be subject to spoilage or will loose its purpose like food and newspapers.

FCL – Full Container Load

-Cargoes are loaded in a container and cargoes are usually from one (1) shipper and to one (1) consignee

Types of Full Container Load
FCL 10 – footer

Can contain a maximum of 9 tons with 14 CBM to 16 CBM

FCL 20 – footer

Can contain a maximum of 18 tons with 28 CBM to 31 CBM

FCL 40 – footer

Can contain a maximum of 36 tons with 56 CBM to 61 CBM

Booking / Tracking Procedure
Step 1

Call and coordinate with us through telephone call.

Step 2

Give us the following pertinent information:




Consignee’s Name


Consignee’s Address


Consignee’s Contact Details


Product Type


Transport Mode


Commodity Type




Measurement / Weight


Declared Value


Pick-up Schedule

Step 3

For sea freight – FCL, Air Freight and Land Freight,


Swiftstar Logistics will call you for the confirmation.

Step 4

Swiftstar Logistics will advise you with regard the status of your shipment.

Online Booking / Tracking Procedure
Step 1

Call our Customer Service Representative to provide your Registration in our Online Booking.

Step 2

Once you received your Username and Password. Log-in to www.swiftstarlogistics.com