Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is Swiftstar Logistics? How is it different from other Logistics Company?

A) We aimed to provide a win-win situation between the client and us by balancing the three main client’s concerns: COST, SECURITY and TIMING. We provide the best reasonable and realistic customize logistics solution for our client’s requirement (with personal touch).


» Who should I contact to do business with you?

Please see ourContact UsPage for details.


» How do I find out how much my shipment will cost?

Please check out our rate tables inwww.swiftstarlogistics.com/ratesand compute for your rates.


» What are the container specifications?

FCL 10 – footer
Can accommodate a maximum of 9 tons with 14 CBM to 16 CBM

FCL 20 – footer
Can accommodate a maximum of 18 tons with 28 CBM to 31 CBM

FCL 40 – footer
Can accommodate a maximum of 36 tons with 56 CBM to 61 CBM


» Do you accept rolling cargoes?

Yes, we accept rolling cargoes; see our rate tables for charge rate.


» Where can I drop off my shipments?

You can drop off your shipments in our main office or inform our customer service representative for most convenient pick-up location for you.


» Can I ship food? What kinds?

Yes, you can ship non-perishable cargo that will not be subject to spoilage. Mostly, these are dry or canned goods and any food that will keep up its good condition even lack of being refrigerated.


» What packaging can we use when shipping food?

You can apply any packaging as long as all items are secured and spills will not take place.


» How do you ensure the safety and security of my cargo?

We treat our cargo as our clients and we ensure the most secure and safe condition of the cargoes.


» What ports do you serve?

Please check our available Provincial Hubs in“About Us”page.


» What is the delivery schedule?

We deliver Mondays to Saturdays.


» Does Swiftstar Logistics delivers during the weekends?

We deliver only on Saturdays during weekends.


» What time can you deliver packages?

From 0830 HRS to 1830 HRS


» What time can you pick-up packages?

From 0830 HRS to 1700 HRS


» Will you deliver even if I'm not there?

Any representative from consignee's address may accept the shipment in behalf of the company except there is particular instruction from the shipper that only consignee can receive the package. In case another person will accept the shipment, the person should have the authorization letter from the consignee.


» How do I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment online by indicating your tracking number.


» How do I track my shipment through mobile?

You can track your shipment using your mobile phone by calling our customer service representatives.


» Is there a cut-off time for booking or can I book anytime?

Booking from 0830 HRS to 1830 HRS will be processed on the same day.


» How can I ship through Swiftstar?

Please contact our Customer Service Representatives atwww.swiftstarlogistics.com/contactus.


» What will you ask me when I call your Customer Service hotline to book a pick-up?

We will ask you for the following pertinent information:
Consignee’s Name
Consignee’s Address
Consignee’s Contact Details
Product Type
Transport Mode
Commodity Type
Measurement / Weight
Declared Value
Pick-up Schedule


» What is my tracking number?

Your tracking number is also your Pick-Up Receipt (PUR) number.


» How will I know if my shipment was loaded?

You can always log-on to our website and access our freight monitory movement for shipment updates, provided that you have already your account username and password.


Payment Scheme
» What are your payment modes?

1.Internet Payment Gateway
2.Credit Card
3.Bank Deposit
4.Collection by our agent


» Can I pay my packages using my credit card?

Yes, we accept credit card.


» How would I know how much I should pay for my package?

Please check our rate tables and call our Customer service representatives.


» Can we have a copy of our proof of payment?

Yes, we will give the copy of your proof of payment.


» What if I need packing and crating service for my package?

Swiftstar Logistics can provide for you packing and crating service just contact our Customer Service Representative.


» What are the prohibited items in a shipment?

1. Any Items that will lead to explosion like firecracker, dynamite (liquid, solid, or gas)   


2. Any items that is banned by Philippine law, statue, or regulations like pirated items and drugs.


3. Live animals and plants.


4. Any article or substance, as presented for transport, which is liable to produce a dangerous evolution of heat or gas


under the conditions normally encountered in air transport.