About Us





Swiftstar Logistics Corp. (SLC) was formed on February 2008,to address the industries’ requirement for a more customized logistics package. We aim to provide a win-win situation between the client and us by balancing the three main clients’ concerns: COST, SECURITY AND TIMING. These are achieved by:


  1. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the clients for a better understanding of their needs and wants,

   2. Planning together with the client for the best approach for their cargo movement requirements,

   3. Post-evaluation of cargo movement to arrive at best practice principle,

   4. Adopting a ‘lean organizational’ to provide more flexibility and to react more quickly and

   5. Implementing an Automated Operations System (OSA) from booking to document processing to freight movement monitoring in order to obtain optimum operations efficiency.

Swiftstar Logistics Corp. is a TAPA Asia Corporate member ( www.tapa-asia.org ).