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Swiftstar Logistics Corp. is proud to offer this service to keep the client updated with regards to the status of their shipment. The status is being re-verified twice a day (morning and afternoon), six days a week (Monday through Saturday). The advices can be viewed on-line.



 First                     Advise the client date of pick-up from the client and date transferred then loading
Advice                  details of cargo if it is already available.


Second                 Advise the loading details of the cargo or if there is a change in the vessel schedule.



Third                     If the cargo is already in-transit, advise estimate time of arrival at destination port.



Fourth                  Advise the actual arrival date and time at port destination, then the schedule of

Advice                  stripping and the schedule of delivery.


Fifth                      Advise the client of the confirmed delivery schedule to the consignee.



Sixth                      Advise the client if the cargo is already received by the consignee as well as the date

Advice                  and time of receipt.